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Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
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Step App (FITFI) is a project based on the Step protocol for FitFi (Fitness Finance) where users and their metaverse avatars complete fitness quests and PvP (player versus player) challenges. Cowchain team responsibility in this project was to create Uniswap V2 based Decentralized Exchange on custom Blockchain network. Team successfully developed the project which at the top had 10M$ liquidity locked on pools.
MASD Marketplace
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Developing a BSC game in which players earn from the sale of in-game assets and developers receive a commission from each transaction, thus creating a "win-win" scenario.
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StepApp Lockdrop
Lockdrop is the mechanism that allows to lock as much as possible liquidity in decentralized exchanges by attracting people with LP tokens lock and immediate SPEX token rewards. Such mechanism allowed to braing 8M+$ liquidity to the DEX in first 2 days
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