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StepApp Wallet
React.js, TheSubgraph, Solidity (multichain), Avalanche, Step Network
Step App (FITFI) is a project based on the Step protocol for FitFi (Fitness Finance) where users and their metaverse avatars complete fitness quests and PvP (player versus player) challenges. Cowchain team responsibility in this project is to migrate Blockchain interraction part from native mobile app into Web platform. DApp was built from scratch to provide an ability for users to move their in-game assets between in-game custodial balance and non-custodial web3 wallets. Assets marketplace, decentralized exchange, inventory management, coins management and custom user profile with unique fitness track records are also the features provided by the app.

Collaboration between StepApp and Cowchain professionals allowed to buid the app that supported 20M+$ to dive into Move 2 Earn industry using web3 advanced features.

StepApp Marketplace
StepUp Marketplace allows not only to create, mint, list and buy NFTs, but also make purchased, offers, auctions from another popular markets such as OpenSea, Looksrare, X2Y2.
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MASD Marketplace
#.Net Framework
Developing a BSC game in which players earn from the sale of in-game assets and developers receive a commission from each transaction, thus creating a "win-win" scenario.
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